Brief History

At the independence of Ghana, there were but two established Churches in the Gold Coast Regiment (now Ghana Armed Forces) in Accra. These were St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church for the Catholics and the St. George’s Anglican Church for all Protestants. However, St George’s Anglican Church was mostly patronised by the expatriate serving military personnel as well as some expatriate civil servants and a few indigenous military personnel and their families.

The Non-Anglican worshippers of St. George’s Church in the course of time decided to have their own form of worship. Hence the birth of the Garrison Methodist/Presbyterian Church in June, 1957.

The newly formed fellowship was led by Lt. Philemon F. Quaye (later to become Rev. Commodore Quaye (Rtd.) who was assisted by Cpl. Edet  S. Ndounofit, later to become WO1) and the late Mr. S.K. Deho.

Initial Membership

Membership of this fellowship was predominantly from:

  • The Methodist Church, Ghana
  • The Presbyterian Church of Ghana
  • The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana

There were also a few members of other denominational faith such as AME (Zion) Church and the Salvation Army.

The Church was relocated to its present site, Chapel Lane, near the Supply Depot, on the 16th of January 2000, from a directive and approval of the Military Establishment.

“there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”.

(Galatians 3:28)

Our name

The name of the Church shall be Garrison Methodist – Presbyterian Church, also referred to as “GMPC” or “the Church”.

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Mission, vision & values

To build a community of Christians which  is established in the Word, shows love and is equipped to serve the Burma Camp community and beyond

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The following organisations or groups in the Garrison Methodist-Presbyterian Church shall be recognised as.

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